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Site supervision - Steelandglass SIA

Site supervision

Site supervision in accordance with Cabinet Regulations No 500 
„General building regulations” for
the following work areas:

• General construction works

• Water and sewage system
installation works

• Heating, ventilation and cooling
system installation works

• Gas  system installation works

• Electricity and low voltage system
installation works

• BMS system installation works

• Fire safety system installation works

• Work protection

Project management - Steelandglass SIA

Project management

• Procurement and tender

• Design elaboration management

• Optimization of technical solutions

• Time consumption and financial flow control

• Control and coordination of
technical documentation

• Representing the Client in relations with authorities

Tehnical inspections and expertise - Steelandglass SIA

Technical inspections and

• Inspection of structural systems of various building types

• Inspection of technical engineering systems

• Assessment of production process

Energy efficiency - Steelandglass SIA

Energy efficiency

• Energy audit of the buildings

• Determining heat losses

• Inspection of building density